Day 3237 – A Must Add To Your Bucket List – The Herndon Climb

Yesterday, I witnessed the Herndon Climb for the third year in a row. I highly recommend adding this yearly tradition to your bucket list.

The short story is “the plebes (first year students at the academy) all work together to climb the greased monument and replace a plebe “dixie-cup hat” on top with a combination cover. This is the official end of the plebe year.” (check out the full Wiki page for more info).

I’m lucky to work for someone who lives a block away from the Naval Academy, so it’s easy to pop over during our workday. This year, I mentioned wanting to catch the start. Typically, we head over about an hour into the attempt and we only have to wait about 15-45 minutes to catch them get the cover on the top. While I am happy to say I finally watched a full attempt, it’s not something I’ll want to repeat, unless I get a spot in the shade. Unfortunately, I subjected my poor self to 2 hours of straight sun and I have the nasty sunburn to prove it. We could have moved out of the sun, but we had scored a really great spot right next to the media platform and had a really great view.

I took some video myself, but this is a great little snippet of the whole thing.


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Day 1656 – Do You Need A Free Wedding In Maryland?

This Saturday, January 25th, the brand new Be More Inspired wedding studio will have an open house! It starts at 6 p.m. at 24 S. Main Street in Bel Air, Maryland. Check out their Facebook invite for more info! It’s open to everyone! Vendors, brides, your friends!

Oh, right, I mentioned a free wedding! If you come out to the open house, and are a bride to be of course, you can enter to win a FREE wedding from the amazing vendors at the Be More Inspired wedding studio!! Oh yea, you read that right! So mark your calendar now! I’ll be there too! Come say hi!!

On Saturday, I got to see the studio in action and I can safely say it’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my 9 years in the wedding industry! Wow!

Here’s a few sneak peeks of the studio! I’ll wait til after the opening to share the others I took!





Get more info on their event invite!

Day 887 – Bel Air Maryland Wedding Photographers – 7 Year Anniversary Celebration

Today we continue our celebration with the Bawroski Wedding. John and Kayla were married on July 17, 2010 at the Liriodendron. Their caterer was Dean and Brown Catering Company. Today is their Day 516.

Here is what they said about us:
“Jennilyn and Bret were our favorite vendor to work with and even calling them “vendors” is a disservice to the great friendship we formed. They met with us several times before and after the wedding and each time it felt like hanging out with old friends. I constantly look at the pictures online and am amazed each time I look through them. Not only were our formal shots amazing but the candid ones were awesome! My husband, John, too was very happy to see a beautiful picture of him kissing his mother on her forehead (which he only did once, I might add) during their dance. I don’t know who, but Jennilyn or Bret captured that moment perfectly even though it probably only lasted a second. We really were blessed to learn about Jennilyn from John’s sister and I don’t know what we would have done without them. They were really great photographers and friends, too. They were close enough to us to know us better than we knew ourselves — really. After about half of the formal shots were done, John and I were ready to call it quits. It was so hot!! But Jennilyn and Bret made us keep taking pictures and I am so, so thankful for that because they caught some really beautiful moments. I could go on and on about these two but I have a feeling Jennilyn has limited web space as I’m sure more and more testimonials will be coming in!! I highly recommend Jennilyn and Bret. They are talented, caring and friendly!”

Day 854 – Baltimore Maryland Wedding Photographers – Tilton Wedding

Today’s wedding was such a blast and really, like a reunion! See, we have photographed most of the wedding party several times! See, we photographed John and Sarah’s wedding last October. In John’s wedding party were Jimmy and Lyle. In October, we photographed Jimmy and Laura’s wedding. Sarah, John and Lyle were in Jimmy and Laura’s wedding. Today’s wedding was Lyle and Lindsey’s! All of those fine folks listed above were in this wedding! It has been such a blast and honor to get to know this group of people! They are such beautiful people and are becoming dear friends. During Jimmy’s wedding and Lyle’s, Bret got to grab breakfast with the guys. Naturally, I’ve been jealous, so we already have plans to all go out as a group and grab breakfast!

Lindsey and Lyle were married at Hiss United Methodist Church. Their reception was at Boumi Temple. Their caterers were Atlantic Caterers.

Here’s a few really great shots of the bride and groom! I always say I’m going to go take pictures of the changing leaves, but never do….and then I realize, wait! I did! I get some great shots of my couples (and some families) with trees! (Wait until you see the rest of the girls in the woods!)

Like I said above, I have photographed a lot of these guys before! Jimmy had a WONDERFUL idea during the formals…..all the hands of the wedding party!! AND the photographers! It was a really special moment for me when one of the people said they couldn’t wait until the pictures were online so they could order the following picture to put on their wall! When I had the idea to take ring pictures seven months ago, I thought it was a fun idea….but I really didn’t know where it would go…I’ve had a few couples say they take pictures of their rings now. Mmmm, warm and fuzzies all around.