Day 854 – Baltimore Maryland Wedding Photographers – Tilton Wedding

Today’s wedding was such a blast and really, like a reunion! See, we have photographed most of the wedding party several times! See, we photographed John and Sarah’s wedding last October. In John’s wedding party were Jimmy and Lyle. In October, we photographed Jimmy and Laura’s wedding. Sarah, John and Lyle were in Jimmy and Laura’s wedding. Today’s wedding was Lyle and Lindsey’s! All of those fine folks listed above were in this wedding! It has been such a blast and honor to get to know this group of people! They are such beautiful people and are becoming dear friends. During Jimmy’s wedding and Lyle’s, Bret got to grab breakfast with the guys. Naturally, I’ve been jealous, so we already have plans to all go out as a group and grab breakfast!

Lindsey and Lyle were married at Hiss United Methodist Church. Their reception was at Boumi Temple. Their caterers were Atlantic Caterers.

Here’s a few really great shots of the bride and groom! I always say I’m going to go take pictures of the changing leaves, but never do….and then I realize, wait! I did! I get some great shots of my couples (and some families) with trees! (Wait until you see the rest of the girls in the woods!)

Like I said above, I have photographed a lot of these guys before! Jimmy had a WONDERFUL idea during the formals…..all the hands of the wedding party!! AND the photographers! It was a really special moment for me when one of the people said they couldn’t wait until the pictures were online so they could order the following picture to put on their wall! When I had the idea to take ring pictures seven months ago, I thought it was a fun idea….but I really didn’t know where it would go…I’ve had a few couples say they take pictures of their rings now. Mmmm, warm and fuzzies all around.

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