Hi, I’m Jennilyn and I’m a lover of travel, business, and living a simple life. I started this blog in 2011 when I was photographing weddings as a way to share about our marriage with our friends, clients, and potential clients. Since we stopped photographing weddings in 2015, the blog has morphed into our journey into simplicity and minimalism, and how that has changed us in several areas – Marriage, Travel, Life, Business, and Christianity. While I don’t talk about wedding photography anymore, what has stayed the same is my honesty about our life, even some pretty personal struggles. I have become super passionate about travel and encouraging others to do so.

I hope that my journey through marriage will give you joy. That you’ll have a few laughs. Maybe a few tears. And ultimately, see how much I love my husband. So, come take a journey with me!

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  7. Love this! The picture for my blog is of our wedding rings 🙂 Marriage is so important, I’m glad I found you guys! I’ve enjoyed reading some of your journey so far!

    • Oh my gosh, I LOVE your ring shot!!!!! I feel like I should go raid a candy store just so I can have an excuse to get a run ring shot like that! ….and have candy too, obviously. 🙂

      I’m so glad you found us too! We love sharing our joys and sorrows and triumphs and lessons learned about marriage!

      How did you find us??

      I can’t wait to read up on your blog!! :0)

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  10. Hi!

    I love following your blog & I’m not sure if this is your kind of thing but I have nominated you for The Liebster Award! If you want to read more about it & participate, I wrote about it (& linked to your blog) in the post below:


    I totally understand if ‘award posts’ are not your thing – I just love the community & getting to know each other aspects!

    Thanks for doing what you do!


    • Gina,

      I wanted to say thanks so much for this! I am interested but have been SO busy I’m only just now getting to emails…lol, some are from LAST year! Oy! I’ve been keeping the email notification of your comment as new so I wouldn’t forget to do this! It might take me a while, but I hope to participate!

      Again, thank you so much. I was honored to be recognized on your blog….and as the top of the list! 🙂


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