Day 1659 – Today Is The Day! – Or – Win A FREE Wedding! – Or – Open House At Be More Inspired Wedding Studio

Eeeeep! I cannot contain my excitement for the open house tonight! I’m sitting in my chair just shaking! Wait…scratch that….that’s the coffee kicking in. But I am super excited! 🙂

Why am I really this excited about an open house? Well, it’s not just the fact that I’ll jump up and down for the littlest of things (YAY, someone made coffee!!…..YAY! I have K-Cups!!….hmmm, maybe I overdid it with the coffee this morning)….and it’s not only because I love parties and networking….but here are a few of the reasons why I’m excited and why YOU should be excited (and stop by) too!!

The chance to win a FREE wedding!! I mean, seriously, this is reason enough to stop by alone!

BEAUTIFUL bridal gowns! Tons and tons of bridal gowns!

This my favorite gown in the studio right now! I mean, hello, I LOVE the sparkles!!! 🙂 There is one in the front window too that has sparkles UNDER a sheer first layer. *swoon* Bret! I want to get married again….or at least get to wear a wedding dress again with you! Mmmmm, I love weddings.


Tons and tons of bridesmaids dresses too!!!


B-E-A-utiful flowers!!


Amazing custom jewelry!


MY work!


You’ll also get to meet the girls from Lavish Salon & Spa AND the amazing event stylists/wedding planners of Moore & Co. Event Stylists!

So here’s what it looks like from outside! Though….I doubt you’ll be able to miss it if you drive down Main Street in Bel Air tonight! Woot Woot!!


So?! Will I see you there??? …At this point I’m jumping up and down! Maybe I should get another cup of coffee….

Day 1656 – Do You Need A Free Wedding In Maryland?

This Saturday, January 25th, the brand new Be More Inspired wedding studio will have an open house! It starts at 6 p.m. at 24 S. Main Street in Bel Air, Maryland. Check out their Facebook invite for more info! It’s open to everyone! Vendors, brides, your friends!

Oh, right, I mentioned a free wedding! If you come out to the open house, and are a bride to be of course, you can enter to win a FREE wedding from the amazing vendors at the Be More Inspired wedding studio!! Oh yea, you read that right! So mark your calendar now! I’ll be there too! Come say hi!!

On Saturday, I got to see the studio in action and I can safely say it’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my 9 years in the wedding industry! Wow!

Here’s a few sneak peeks of the studio! I’ll wait til after the opening to share the others I took!





Get more info on their event invite!

Day 952 – K&B Bridal’s Military Event! AND Our Free Wedding Winner!!!

I want to start out by saying that ANY event that K&B Bridals and Event Planning is a part of ALWAYS blows me away! They are so talented at putting together events and awesome displays! The Military Event was NO different!

They had a whole ceremony and reception set up in one of the rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn. Which, by the way, is a BEAUTIFUL venue! And so convenient, location-wise. It’s just off 95 in White Marsh. The staff that I met were very energetic too! That’s huge to me! 🙂

Linda of Fine Florals by Linda provided all of the flowers. I am always amazed at how awesome her flowers are!

Yia Yia’s Bakery was also there and this cake was just breathtaking! What a perfect cake for a Balmer Hon! 🙂

Since all of the vendors at the show were the ones giving the free wedding, we all got to vote on our favorite military story. I won’t share the whole story (not yet at least! Need to chat with my new bride!), but the short version is this.

Nick and Ali met in the Navy, were friends first, had two back to back deployments…Over the two and a half years they have been together, they have only been in the same time zone for 4 months. Needless to say, this story seriously tugged on my heart strings! Bret and I were together for two years and only in the same time zone for about a month or two before he moved out here to marry me (4 months before the wedding, no less!)

Funny story about how Ali found out that she won the wedding!

One of the rules of the giveaway was that the winner HAD to be in attendance at 3:00 p.m. to win the wedding. Bridget (of K&B) had been in touch with Ali and confirmed she was coming. The closer we got to 3, the more we were all on the lookout for Ali! We started to think that she wasn’t coming. Then all of a sudden, Meg (of K&B) RUNS up to Bridget and says, “SHE’S HERE! SHE’S IN THE DRESSING ROOM!” (or something along those lines). Ali had been trying on dresses and mentioned that she signed up for the free wedding. At this point all of the vendors migrated to the dressing rooms! Poor Ali is standing there in her wedding dress (yea, she found her dress today too!) and have about 20 people standing there! I can’t post the pictures of her reaction because she was in her wedding dress! But once she changed, we took a few pictures!

It is going to be such an honor to capture Nick and Ali’s wedding day! I have a feeling I’m going to be crying the whole time! (I was crying a bit while we were telling her she won and chatting with her after.) Ali and her family are so sweet and so thankful. I feel like I have met brand new, life long friends! I can’t stop smiling about it!!!

The other vendors who participated in the event and will be giving Nick & Ali a free wedding were:

Hair Design by Abby
Buerhaus Design (Videographer)
Fay Daniel Designs
And us!