Day 1579 – Helping Friends, Multitasking And The Best Thing That Happened To Me Today

One thing that was mentioned at the Wedding MBA was a book called Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath. I got it and took the quiz to find my strengths. I was really surprised at the results! I found myself continually saying, “Yea! That’s me! I do that!” A big take away from what I learned was that I thrive when I interact with people. Whether I’m just giving advice, encouragement or just all around helping out. I didn’t realize how big of a deal this was until after I came home from working at the new K&B space yesterday. I spent a lot of time reading and getting really on fire for my business. All because I spent some time helping others. It’s important to know your strengths friends!

One of my other strengths was called Input…basically, I love collecting things…which would include information. Since yesterday, I have been inhaling information, specifically about sales. I’m LOVING IT!!! I was about to hop on the treadmill and was just dreading it. I’m doing a plan that helps you increase miles, but there’s a lot of intervals, it can take like 30 minutes just to do 2 miles. I’m all about just getting the workout done as quick as possible. So, I thought, ok, I’ll watch/listen to a sales video while I do it. I found a great video on selling cars….I know, I know, I sell memories via images…but there were a LOT of great tips that I can apply to my business. It was the fastest 30 minutes I’ve spent on the treadmill!

Disclaimer: I did not watch the video while running/walking, I had headphones in and just listened. 🙂

Lastly, and this is the BEST part, I ran up to the library to pick up a book I requested (sidenote: I wish I had used this ONLINE feature sooner. Back in the day I would drive to a ton of libraries. Ah, past Jennilyn, you silly head.) After I got a few more books, I stopped by 7-Eleven. Imagine my absolute DELIGHT when I saw that peppermint mocha’s are back! YES!!!!!

They don’t have the holiday coffee cozies yet, which is FINE by me, but that says peppermint mocha better than what’s on my mug right now. So enjoy this picture from last year!


Day 1501 – 7 Ways I’ve Changed To Live A Better Life

You know I’ve had a lot of life changing things happen over the last month or so…today I want to tell you the changes I’ve made that have really helped to give me a better life and business.

1. Using My Fitness Pal regularly.

I tried it a few months ago…and it really helped! In my pride I thought, oh, it’s cool, I got this. Yea, after a few months of enjoying food and drink to excess, I don’t got this. Trying on clothes the other day really drove this point home! What I’ve loved about it this time around is how it’s helped motivate me to workout! When you log workouts, it gives you more calories to intake! I can also see how I’m doing and know when I can splurge. Like last night when we had decaf coffee with Irish cream on the deck in the moonlight!


2. Making sure I have a clean desk…and room.

When it looks likes this….


I get so little work done! I get distracted so much easier. Having only the thing(s) I’m working on out on the desk helps me keep focus and get the work done. I mean, look at this! Doesn’t it make you want to work?!


3. Asking “Will what I’m doing make me money?”

This one has been HUGE for me. It keeps me focused and only spending time on those things (answering emails, making phone calls, etc.) If I do those things first, I can focus more on the things that don’t necessarily bring in the money. For example, you want to make sure you have a clean, spell checked website…but if you’re spending 20 hours of your week re-doing things that are just “making it pretty” you’ve wasted your time. I am MOST guilty of this! Whew! The time I’ve spent updating my website. Shesh!

4. Finding a system to keep my tasks in my face.

There a million ways to list your tasks and ensure you accomplish them. There are apps, there are programs, you can write them down on a piece of paper and cross them off. I’ve struggled with this a bit, always trying to find the best (and most motivating!) way. I started one this week and I’m actually pretty excited about it!

I bought a new calendar this weekend…because I needed 2014….but also because I LOVE office supplies. Oh my gosh, back to school is my poison! I have to stay away from Target and their 1 cent notebooks! (Side note:, Bret did not have to buy a SINGLE notebook while he was in school because of my extensive notebook stash….though, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…)

Anyways, I found this great calendar with month breakdowns and weekly/daily breakdowns. 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. with 15 minute breakdowns. It’s enough to make an OCD person like me jump up and down! I filled out Monday on Sunday night….I was very detailed…even including things like showering and working out. Bret started student teaching on Monday, and I had plans of getting up with him around 6:30/7. When the alarm went off and I felt the pull to snooze (one of my BIGGEST struggles), I thought about my timeline for the day and thought, you know, I’m going to get up because this will put me ahead of schedule. It was a huge motivator for me.

I think it’s important to do this the night before, namely because I didn’t last night and I slept later than I should have (not TOO much though).


5. Moving my devotion location.

I used to do my devotions at my desk, in front of the computer. It worked for a while, it did. But it’s sooooo much easier to get distracted with the computer and all of its notifications right there in your face.

I’m now sitting on a couch in our room and it’s been great.

6. Using a devotion reading plan on my phone.

One of my friends shared a reading plan she started on YouVersion/ and I was interested. I’m on day 11 out of 12 now and it’s been great! The app will do pop up reminders as well as show you only what you need to read that day. So, if you’re reading Psalm 119:30-34, it only shows those verses. It’s also easy to navigate through your readings. You can even adjust if you’ve fallen behind! Today SHOULD be day 15! While, I don’t recommend pushing it back and using that as an excuse…it doesn’t make you feel bad when you miss a day. Can I get an amen on yearly reading plans?!

7. Watching/listening to videos while on the treadmill.

Since I’ve been trying to be more diligent with working out AND learning about business, I’ve started to find videos totaling the amount of time I plan on working out, and watching them while I’m on the treadmill. I did that today and it was really great! lol, I think it’s more to distract me from the walking/running though. 😉 Ah well, two birds, one stone.

So what have you found to help you life a better life?

Day 1444 – A Personal Post – Personal Trainer Husband

When I first got married, I thought I was in pretty decent shape. I went rock climbing pretty regularly. But then, I tried to work out with Bret. I could barely run half a mile without taking a break. I would say almost every time we tried to run together, I would start to cry. Looking back, I know it’s because I put so much pressure on myself to be “the perfect workout buddy.” I also wanted to impress my husband….if you’ve met him or seen him, you know he’s in GREAT shape. He loves to work out…hence why he started a personal training business. It took me a long time to realize that all he wanted was just that I tried. If I did 2 miles, but only ran half of it…it was still getting out there and doing it.

Over the past month, I’ve been working out about 5-6 times a week. I’ve been doing an increasing mileage run program and an increasing time body weight program. I wasn’t really seeing the results I’d like….mostly because one of my weaknesses is beer. I wasn’t really tracking my food intake either….not that I do much of this anyways, but I was changing my diet a little bit and eating WAY more than I realized. It’s crazy how quickly it adds up if you don’t realize it.

So, I’ve been wanting to try something new…and drink a little less beer. 😉 What better new workout than asking my husband who is a personal trainer!? Seriously Jen, why didn’t you ask him before? Well, mostly because of the reasons above. I hate not being able to keep up with him. But then, when I think about it, he’s in MUCH better shape than me and can do MUCH more. Why do I think I can keep up with that??

Today, we worked out together. At first, I was doing pretty well at first, but then it was taking a lot out of me. That’s when he said, ok, that’s the end of one set. I’m all, um, what? How many more?! TWO MORE! Ah! We took a little break and started the next set, which was half of the first. When we had about 2-3 exercises left, I took a little break and thought I would pass out. I got the stars, than the lightheadedness and then I said, I HAVE to sit down and get some water. He walked me to the porch, got some water, rested and I finished both sets.

What I absolutely loved about the last two sets is that Bret was very gracious. Taking it slow and telling me multiple times to not beat myself up (he knows me SO well!) Thankfully, I wasn’t beating myself up. I was more just pushing myself to my limit and it did feel good….you know, besides almost passing out.

I also loved getting a look at what one of Bret’s clients gets when they work with him. I’m so proud of him….I’m also thankful for the resource that he is!


Day 1419 – Behind The Scenes Of A Personal Trainer

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know I generally talk about the following:

  • Our marriage
  • Our photography business
  • Food
  • Silly stuff
  • Our friends
  • Working out

I’ve been very inspired to work out more and eat healthier since Bret started a personal training business….and after someone made me aware of how important it is that I look like a personal trainer’s wife!

But today’s post is NOT about the growth I’ve experienced. I want to talk about what you guys don’t see if you work with Bret.

Bret cares so much about his business, his clients and the workouts he has them do. He spends a lot of time thinking about workouts for his clients…keeping in mind the special needs of each. He’ll stay up late if he has to in order to get it done.

He’s always thinking up new workouts and ways to keep things interesting.

Now here’s the kicker and why I wanted to write this post. He actually does the workouts. He’s not the type of trainer that just puts workouts down on paper and says, ok, do this. I’d say at least 2-3 times a week, he’s outside trying something new. From workouts done while climbing a tree to pulling a tire to skipping.

I’m so proud of all he’s done in just 5 short months of officially being in business! I’m also sooooo excited to see what comes next!!

Here’s Bret holding a heavy bag. He uses this to do squats AND he’ll run with it!


Day 1414 – My Kind Of Networking And Brainstorming

Today Bret and I went on a hike with one of our dear friends, Mara, who also owns her own business,

What is you ask?

“ is an e-mail publishing company known for sharing the latest buzz, tools, tips, and finds with an active community of bizzy women entrepreneurs daily… in 350 words or less.”

I’ve gained lots of knowledge from Mara through her online business and our interactions as friends. I am blessed to have such a smart business woman as a friend. 🙂

Here we are being all kinds of serious….