Day 1444 – A Personal Post – Personal Trainer Husband

When I first got married, I thought I was in pretty decent shape. I went rock climbing pretty regularly. But then, I tried to work out with Bret. I could barely run half a mile without taking a break. I would say almost every time we tried to run together, I would start to cry. Looking back, I know it’s because I put so much pressure on myself to be “the perfect workout buddy.” I also wanted to impress my husband….if you’ve met him or seen him, you know he’s in GREAT shape. He loves to work out…hence why he started a personal training business. It took me a long time to realize that all he wanted was just that I tried. If I did 2 miles, but only ran half of it…it was still getting out there and doing it.

Over the past month, I’ve been working out about 5-6 times a week. I’ve been doing an increasing mileage run program and an increasing time body weight program. I wasn’t really seeing the results I’d like….mostly because one of my weaknesses is beer. I wasn’t really tracking my food intake either….not that I do much of this anyways, but I was changing my diet a little bit and eating WAY more than I realized. It’s crazy how quickly it adds up if you don’t realize it.

So, I’ve been wanting to try something new…and drink a little less beer. 😉 What better new workout than asking my husband who is a personal trainer!? Seriously Jen, why didn’t you ask him before? Well, mostly because of the reasons above. I hate not being able to keep up with him. But then, when I think about it, he’s in MUCH better shape than me and can do MUCH more. Why do I think I can keep up with that??

Today, we worked out together. At first, I was doing pretty well at first, but then it was taking a lot out of me. That’s when he said, ok, that’s the end of one set. I’m all, um, what? How many more?! TWO MORE! Ah! We took a little break and started the next set, which was half of the first. When we had about 2-3 exercises left, I took a little break and thought I would pass out. I got the stars, than the lightheadedness and then I said, I HAVE to sit down and get some water. He walked me to the porch, got some water, rested and I finished both sets.

What I absolutely loved about the last two sets is that Bret was very gracious. Taking it slow and telling me multiple times to not beat myself up (he knows me SO well!) Thankfully, I wasn’t beating myself up. I was more just pushing myself to my limit and it did feel good….you know, besides almost passing out.

I also loved getting a look at what one of Bret’s clients gets when they work with him. I’m so proud of him….I’m also thankful for the resource that he is!


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