Day 1579 – Helping Friends, Multitasking And The Best Thing That Happened To Me Today

One thing that was mentioned at the Wedding MBA was a book called Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath. I got it and took the quiz to find my strengths. I was really surprised at the results! I found myself continually saying, “Yea! That’s me! I do that!” A big take away from what I learned was that I thrive when I interact with people. Whether I’m just giving advice, encouragement or just all around helping out. I didn’t realize how big of a deal this was until after I came home from working at the new K&B space yesterday. I spent a lot of time reading and getting really on fire for my business. All because I spent some time helping others. It’s important to know your strengths friends!

One of my other strengths was called Input…basically, I love collecting things…which would include information. Since yesterday, I have been inhaling information, specifically about sales. I’m LOVING IT!!! I was about to hop on the treadmill and was just dreading it. I’m doing a plan that helps you increase miles, but there’s a lot of intervals, it can take like 30 minutes just to do 2 miles. I’m all about just getting the workout done as quick as possible. So, I thought, ok, I’ll watch/listen to a sales video while I do it. I found a great video on selling cars….I know, I know, I sell memories via images…but there were a LOT of great tips that I can apply to my business. It was the fastest 30 minutes I’ve spent on the treadmill!

Disclaimer: I did not watch the video while running/walking, I had headphones in and just listened. 🙂

Lastly, and this is the BEST part, I ran up to the library to pick up a book I requested (sidenote: I wish I had used this ONLINE feature sooner. Back in the day I would drive to a ton of libraries. Ah, past Jennilyn, you silly head.) After I got a few more books, I stopped by 7-Eleven. Imagine my absolute DELIGHT when I saw that peppermint mocha’s are back! YES!!!!!

They don’t have the holiday coffee cozies yet, which is FINE by me, but that says peppermint mocha better than what’s on my mug right now. So enjoy this picture from last year!


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