Day 1811 – Surprise Date And Getting Caught In The Rain

Last night after volunteering at Vacation Bible School at our church, we decided to go on a random date to Bellisimo’s in Bel Air. We got a few beers and appetizers and just chatted about life. It’s amazing how you can be with a person for 7 years and still find things to talk about and still have fun together.

After our meal, we went outside and it was POURING rain. So what did we do? Danced and hugged in the rain of course! It was such a blast! I’m so grateful for a husband who likes the rain like I do! 🙂


Day 707 – My Rock Climbing Trash the Dress Session

Today I had the best birthday, ever. I got to do something I’ve wanted to do for a while….rock climb in my wedding dress. The concept is “Trash The Dress”…where basically, you wear your wedding dress again…doing something else. So, enjoy! Bret took these of me and I am beyond words happy about them! I had to share lots!

Check out the rest here.

I also had a beer outside while reading…while everyone else was off doing other things. I can’t remember the last time I got to read…well, fiction…I read non-fiction all the time (marketing, business, etc)…so this was a treat!!