Day 1303 – Anything Is Possible or Bret Has Changed or GO RAVENS!

As you may or may not know, my dear hubby is from California. In 2011, we scored some tickets to the Thanksgiving Day Ravens vs. 49ers game. When I found out the team, I said, oh CRAP! You’re going to be cheering for the 49ers, just because. He likes to stir up trouble that one! After I said this here was our conversation (slightly paraphrased, since it was over a year ago):

“Jen, how do Ravens fans feel about the Steelers?”
“Well, it’s not pretty…”
“That’s how the Raiders feel about the 49ers. I could never go for the 49ers.”
“Ok then!”

So thankfully, he cheered for the Ravens at the game.

Two weeks ago, we went out to watch the Ravens vs. Patriots game. Check out what Bret was wearing….


I was planning on going through all my weddings and finding all the purple dress, flowers, etc. and doing a nice long post of pics…..yea, ha! Bret will have to be enough for ya’ll today.