Day 2753 – Rainy Monday Blues?

Rainy Monday got ya down? Just think, it could be snow!



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Day 1811 – Surprise Date And Getting Caught In The Rain

Last night after volunteering at Vacation Bible School at our church, we decided to go on a random date to Bellisimo’s in Bel Air. We got a few beers and appetizers and just chatted about life. It’s amazing how you can be with a person for 7 years and still find things to talk about and still have fun together.

After our meal, we went outside and it was POURING rain. So what did we do? Danced and hugged in the rain of course! It was such a blast! I’m so grateful for a husband who likes the rain like I do! 🙂


Day 804 – Lots of Rain + New River + Flavor Cupcakery = Awesome!

Today I took a trip up to K&B Bridals to pick up some bookmarks I had left at the Engagement Party to use at the Towson Sheraton Bridal show.

It had been raining, but I didn’t realize just how much. As I made my way through the beautiful rural roads of Baltimore County…I started to realize this rain was worse than I thought. A small road, near Boordy Vineyards was starting to become a river. It was really scary actually.

As I came up Harford Road…I noticed break lights and a 18 wheeler on the side of the road…ut oh. Drove through a smaller puddle and then realized the break lights weren’t for this puddle…they were for another new river….across Harford Road! So, a turn-a-round we go! I think it took me a good hour plus to get to the store…when it normally takes me 40-45. Ah well. I ran in, got my bookmarks, gave my hugs and hellos and left. I had it in my mind to make these amazing muffins…but I wanted to make them with organic ingredients….of which…I had none. Maybe just the milk! So, I’d have to buy pretty much EVERY ingredient! I was going to check out the new Wegmans in Abingdon and even started driving there…and then realized, wait…I have to buy EVERY ingredient! That’s going to cost a bit and we don’t really do a lot of baking. So, I turned around (again)…and thought, wait…I’m in Bel Air….Flav…no, no, I couldn’t…Flavor….no, save money….well…if I can get into the other lane (I play lots of games like this) before the turn….well….I did….

Bret was at work, so I thought, ah, I’ll be nice and wait til he gets home to eat one….

Ha! I have no will power with Flavor Cupcakery

Well…it is a nice shout out to our Day 1! I love our rock placecards! I keep mine on the desk….I have no idea where Bret’s is…