Day 3266 – World Productivity Day!

Hurray for productivity and a whole day to celebrate it! I love learning about productivity and practicing things that lead to a productive life. There are a number of ways that I’m currently trying to increase my productivity and achieve my goals.

First, Bret and I had a pretty long (over several days) conversation about what a successful summer would look like for us. We started the conversation on Saturday, technically before his summer break from teaching started. What this conversation has done is set our expectations for the summer. We talked about our bucket list of things to do. We talked about daily habits we want to practice. We talked about our work goals.

This morning, I’m a little behind schedule because I finally sat down, wrote out my goals and printed them out. I have a new checklist to highlight daily habits. I printed out all my goals in my January letter as well as some monetary goals (i.e. when I hit this dollar amount, I’ll do/buy/etc something else). I printed our summer bucket list and some of the big names I want to meet. This isn’t necessary for this year, but I want to start keeping those goals in front of me daily.

I also tried something new this morning. I want to get back into running and I’m taking a different approach. Previously, it was all about going for a 5k or following a plan. It was just too fast for the overachiever in me. So instead, I’m setting a “run three times a week” goal. I am only running a very short distance and only increasing my mileage when I feel ready. This is a big shift for me because I’m all about big milestones, but the joy is in the consistency. The different thing I did this morning was pre-prep my food before my run. I scooped my leftover takeout into the microwave, put a bottle of water and peaches on the counter, so as soon as I came through the door, I could start the microwave, grab the water, and recover. It made a big difference for sure.

So a big part of being productive is setting yourself up for success, whatever that means for you.

How are you going to be productive today?


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2 thoughts on “Day 3266 – World Productivity Day!

    • You’re welcome! The best book I’ve read recently on daily habits was – Dream Big, Think Small: Living an Extraordinary Life One Day at a Time by Jeff Manion. It reminded me how powerful doing small things every day adds up to amazing things. Good luck in developing your own daily habits!

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