Day 3267 – What About The Days When You Spill A Whole Cup Of Coffee…On Everything? – World Productivity Day Followup

Yesterday, I had a nice post about productivity. How I created new lists and got things done.

But then, a few things happened. First, I stayed up wayyyyyyy too late finishing a book, and then couldn’t sleep because I had two cups of coffee around 3 pm. I still go up on my first alarm (one of the current habits I’m building), but for a number of reasons (read that as a long conversation with Bret) I was way behind where I wanted to be. I was just about to journal about some things that were on my mind and in the process of moving things around my desk, I knocked over an entire cup of coffee….behind my desk, on my computer, all over several of my work folders. Everywhere.

My initial reaction was ‘are you freakin’ kidding me?!’ Then it was get this cleaned up fast. Then it was a little bit of humor ‘at least my desk isn’t as dusty now.’

It would have been easy to just toss my morning routine and follow things I’ve set up for myself. I even started to move on and not do the things I planned to do. But part way through the next thing, I decided, no, I’m going to follow my routine. These little decisions add up. My later commitments are after I finish my morning things. It’s going to be ok self.

So when you spill an entire cup of coffee all over your morning, clean it up, readjust, and keep going.


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