Day 3265 – Dreaming Big Dreams

I’m currently reading a few books that have to do with big goals. The first is Your Best Year Ever by Michael Hyatt. I’m at the part in the book where it talks about making big goals, sometimes scary goals. He’s also talking about how bigger goals motivate you more, i.e. if you have a goal you know you can attain, you hit the goal and then stay there. I have seen a lot of this in my life when I look back. I’m super thankful that I’m finally taking strides to move past this in myself.

I just started reading The Real Estate Fast Track by David Finkel. It was recommended to us by Bret’s mentor and as soon as he mentioned “it has the best systems” I geeked out. I’m a huge fan of systems and processes and how to’s. I was struck by a few sentences on the first few pages.

“That probably seems impossible, or maybe too good to be true. But just for a brief moment, imagine it were truly available to you….The road will be harder than you ever imagined, but the rewards will be sweeter than you could ever have anticipated.”

Here’s a recurring theme in my reading and personal growth over the last few years – “why not dream bigger?” I was sharing a financial goal with a friend for my new project (lol, I’m SO close to telling you guys about it, hang tight!), and it was honestly “a bunch of money” or something along those lines. She encouraged me to put a number on it. Which I did…and then I added another zero. It took my somewhat achievable goal to something way beyond my dreams. What’s cool about this is that I purchased some courses for the new project I’m working on from folks who have achieved 10x my goal. They stand as an “if they can do it, I can do it” example to follow.

I think a big part of achieving things is dreaming WAY bigger than you ever thought possible for yourself.

So I challenge you today to add a zero to your goal, whatever that means to you.


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