Day 2862 – How Traffic Reminds Me How Good I Have It

Yesterday, I was doing some errands and got stuck in just awful traffic. It was rainy, and close to rush hour. When I finally got home, I was just so thankful for my current work situations. I love working from home, and having so much flexibility. I’m so thankful for my amazing clients, and the opportunities I’ve been presented. It takes a different type of work, it’s still hard in some ways, and it takes more planning, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Traffic always seems to remind me to be thankful (take a walk down memory lane with this post).

What stressful thing are you thankful for today?


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4 thoughts on “Day 2862 – How Traffic Reminds Me How Good I Have It

  1. Hubby and I almost always get stopped by a train on our way home. He gets p.o.’d every time and I just sit there thinking that it’s Gods way of preventing me from some horrible accident further up the road by delaying me that extra five or ten minutes. 🙂

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