Day 2861 – Is Your Dream Taking A While? Take Heart

As I scrolled through my On This Day on Facebook this morning, I saw my blog post from this day last year. I was still cranking away on my first book. That sucker took FOREVER to write. Years, actually. It felt so good to finally finish and put that guy out into the world. I look back and think, “why did I wait so long?” I know part of the reason was the type of book I wrote was one that needed a long marination in my brain. I felt myself changed in the process. Now that it is published, and I’ve gone through the process, it it much easier to take the journey. I’m working on two books right now – planning a road trip on any budget, and a memoir on my alcoholism and sobriety (this is a little hint towards my big goals…) I am getting super close to the next step in my road trip book (proofreading) and it is just crazy how quickly this book came together. I think I started with a completely blank slate in January, and here I am only a few months later and getting close to publishing my second book. So friends, take heart if your journey is taking longer than you thought it would. It may be that growth is what’s needed now.


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3 thoughts on “Day 2861 – Is Your Dream Taking A While? Take Heart

  1. I can’t wait to get a copy of your roadtrip book, especially as we’ve been talking about local trips in our areas. ♥

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