Day 2847 – A Book That Changed My Life – Unmistakable

While enjoying my time here, I finished reading an absolutely life-changing book, Unmistakable* by Srinivas Rao. The whole idea of the book is that being only, is so much better than best. You want your work to be unmistakable.

I have taken copious notes while reading this book. But I wanted to share this quote in particular.

We become so indoctrinated, it’s as if we’ve been institutionalized. We forget that our life is what we make of it. Only when we have the audacity to question the status quo can we disrupt it.

I cannot even put into words how many life-changing thoughts came through the pages and into my brain. So many things that gave me confirmation about who I am, who I want to be, and not caring what others think.

If you need a little (or big) jump start in your life, I highly recommend this book.

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