Day 2848 – Cubicle Day – Reflections On How Far I’ve Come

When I discovered that today was cubicle day, it caused me to reflect on my cubicle days and how far I’ve come over the last five and a half years. I didn’t really work in a cubicle at my last job, but I did in the job before that. I can still feel the weighty sadness of sitting in a cube. There were days I would cry in the bathroom. I tried to add inspiration to my surroundings, but it fell flat. I now know I have to have my own space, I have to work outside, I have to have flexibility.

If nothing else, I’m thankful for the time working in a cube so I can fully appreciate the fact that I don’t work in one now.

Happy cubicle day!!!

Here’s my current workspace! I still need a few more inspiring quotes on the walls, but it’s a start!


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