Day 938 – Clearance Wine

After I finished up at the gym…totally awesome session by the way! nearly two hours of climbing and then a super sweet sprint workout on the treadmill (did a mile in just over 11 minutes). I was so happy…..anyways….I had to grab a few things….wait, let me start a little earlier…

I was getting ready to leave for the gym and Bret mentioned we needed bread….I said, yea, we need toilet paper too….it’s probably going to snow. I said this without knowing the weather. After leaving the gym and getting hit with snow, I thought, hmmm, maybe I should play the lottery….but decided to just go to the store. I really didn’t feel like going to Wal-Mart…which would have given me the cheapest prices, but just a huge hassle. So, I ended up going to the Dollar Store. Why don’t I shop there more often?? Not a huge selection of anything healthy…even the “whole wheat” bread wasn’t that great. But, I was feeling lazy….no, I was worn out from the gym!

After the dollar store, I went to the liquor store with the thought of getting some cheap wine….to my joyous surprise, there were two full shopping carts of $10 and $5 wine, just inside the door! (not before shared story – I prayed for wine the other day, even the little things dude, it’s blowing my mind these days!)

Anyways…(shesh I’m a rambling fool today!)’s what I got! If they turn out to be decent, I’m going to get some more!