Day 3006 – Nostalgia, Vegas, And Hiding Truth About Yourself

I have been so discouraged by the horror that took place in Vegas. There is much that can be said, has been said, and will be said. The whole thing made me very nostalgic yesterday.

See, I’ve been to Vegas a number of times. Bret and I have spent countless hours in the airport, and I have attended a wedding conference there several times. If I was still in the wedding industry, there’s a chance I would have been there this week.

The last time I was in Vegas (minus the airport stops), I was still drinking, and drinking heavily. I drank a lot the whole time I was there, but one night, I actually left my friends and went back to our room, halfway down the strip. My cell phone was dying and I didn’t let anyone know where I was. My poor friends searched for me, and thankfully found me. I was in the bathroom puking when they arrived. Looking back, I feel terrible for my actions. I hate that alcohol caused me to do things that hurt others, caused others to worry, and held me back for so long.

This tragedy has also caused me to think about how people hide things. There are so many layers to people. There are so many things that they want to keep buried. I realize it’s cliche, but you never know the battles someone may be fighting. You don’t know how hard it was for them to get out of bed. You don’t know what demons they’re fighting. For years, I hid my alcoholism. I made light of something that was tearing me apart. It’s so much easier to just judge a person and their actions. There is much to be learned from this, and hopefully one is you never know the full truth about someone.


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Day 1551 – I’ve Had A Lot Of Adventures In The Last Few Weeks You Don’t Know About

I dog sat one of the cutest dogs ever.


I went to the Renn Fest.


I found my FAVORITE nacho cheese in America (they don’t sell it in Maryland…or at least I haven’t found it yet!)


Finally saw old Vegas! Besides the overwhelming smell of smoke, this was really really fun.


Oh and had a few drinks that were the size of my head…


Day 1549 – Home Again After A Week In Vegas – Wedding MBA Conference

Ah, so great to be home! I’ve been away for about two weeks now. We house sat for friends for a few days and then I went to Vegas for the Wedding MBA conference. It was a great conference learning how to better my business and myself, specialized for wedding vendors. I already have a list of action items I can implement pretty much immediately. I’m SO excited and SO energized. Grateful for the time away….but soooo thankful to be home, sleep in my own bed and hit the ground running with my business.

I may or may not do a long blog post about all of my adventures (if you’re interested, let me know and I will!) but for now, I wanted to share some pics from a night of TWO vendor parties. The first was sponsored by The Knot.


day_01549b day_01549c

Then we hopped a cab for another party sponsored by WeddingWire!!

The view was INSANE!