Day 1549 – Home Again After A Week In Vegas – Wedding MBA Conference

Ah, so great to be home! I’ve been away for about two weeks now. We house sat for friends for a few days and then I went to Vegas for the Wedding MBA conference. It was a great conference learning how to better my business and myself, specialized for wedding vendors. I already have a list of action items I can implement pretty much immediately. I’m SO excited and SO energized. Grateful for the time away….but soooo thankful to be home, sleep in my own bed and hit the ground running with my business.

I may or may not do a long blog post about all of my adventures (if you’re interested, let me know and I will!) but for now, I wanted to share some pics from a night of TWO vendor parties. The first was sponsored by The Knot.


day_01549b day_01549c

Then we hopped a cab for another party sponsored by WeddingWire!!

The view was INSANE!


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