Day 3401 – Fallback Friday To My First And Only Marine Corps Ball!

Oh friends, this has been quite a week. I am SO excited to have a restful and productive weekend. It’s the first weekend in a month that we’ve actually been home! Because of the nature of this week, lots of things have been slipping and put to the side (the time of my blog posts included if you haven’t noticed). With that in mind, I’m taking it a little easy today and sharing photos from the USMC ball we FINALLY got to go to, five years ago today. 🙂

Bonus, this first photo was from our first attempt.


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Day 2671 – What I Wanted To Do Today And What I Am Actually Doing Today

As I looked through my “On This Day” on Facebook, I was reminded we went to the Marine Corps Ball 3 years ago. I had planned on retelling the hilarious story of our attempt to go to a Ball in 2008. But as I got my cup of coffee, something tweaked/twisted/flat out hurt like crazy in my back. So, my body is pretty much telling me computer time will be very, very limited today.

So for now, here’s us from our attempt to go to the Ball:


And actually at the Ball 5 years later!


Day 1574 – If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try Again Five Years Later

Five years ago in January, Bret had just returned from Iraq and we had grand plans of attending the Marine Corps Ball.

You can read about how that DID NOT happen in a previous post.

Tomorrow, we get to try again. Bret’s friend (and funny enough, one of the guys with us the night we met) got us tickets to a local Marine Corps Ball. I am SO excited!!! I bought a new dress, I have sparkly shoes and it’s going to be fantastic! The only downside is the 3 hour drive, but given we’ve driven across the country twice, we should be ok. 🙂

Here we are all dressed up after NOT making it to the ball in January ’08.