Day 2727 – Highlights From May And June

In May….I surprised my hubby with a whole lotta Sweet Baby Jesus.


In June…I shared my lake (Jenny Lake) with Bret!



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Day 2486 – Marriage Tip – Wow Your Spouse

Bret is all about quests in life. Whether it’s the quest to break a world record, finding the best tent or finding the perfect spouse (his words, not mine), Bret is all about finding the best. His current quest is the perfect beer. He loved Red Sky at Night from Heavy Seas but we were told they aren’t making it anymore when we took the tour a few weeks back. ::insert Bret’s broken heart here:: So! Now he is on the hunt for a new favorite beer. We continued his quest at the Judge’s Bench in Ellicott City yesterday. What a fun place with great staff and nice customers. While chatting with one of the customers about beers, they mentioned Du Claw and it reminded Bret of Sweet Baby Jesus (chocolate and peanut butter beer). They also talked about getting a growler at Du Claw in Arundel Mills. I went to a movie last minute and decided to surprise Bret with a growler of Sweet Baby Jesus. A bit more than I’d like to spend but the growler was flippin’ cool!

So let me tell you about Bret. He’s not one to get super excited about stuff like me. Me, I’m jumping up and down, woo hooing, etc. Well, when I showed him the growler, he was speechless. Mouth open, hands on the head, So. Freakin’. Happy.

It doesn’t get better than this.

Well, humorously placed signs help too.