Day 3338 – Counting Down Days, Looking Backwards

Y’all know I love looking back, especially using Facebook Memories. I’ve talked about how interesting it is to watch what I posted about in the weeks and months leading up to my eventual sobriety. Remembering (or barely remembering) things I did, parties I went to, etc.

But something stuck out this August. In 2011, I was counting down to becoming a full-time photographer. I was finally leaving the 9-5 world. I can’t believe I’ve been a freelancer for almost 7 years. There are definitely things I should have done differently (went full-time way too early), but the rough times over the last 7 years have taught me so much about myself.

So what struck me today is that I had one countdown I knew was coming (full-time freelancer), and one I did not (sobriety), years later. Sometimes, you can only see the countdown when looking back. You can look at posts on social media or entries in your journal and see how everything was leading to this one moment. If you find yourself in a trying time, just know that when you can look back with the clarity of time, you might just find that everything was leading you to someplace you’ve never dreamed possible.


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Day 2275 – “Do You Miss Wedding Photography?”

Since we decided to stop photographing weddings, the biggest question we get is “do you miss it?”

Things we miss:
– Meeting awesome new couples, their friends and family
– Creating images of day 1 for great couples
– Wedding food
– Dancing at weddings (there’s something about that one dance we would squeeze in, with all our camera gear on)
– Seeing how happy the bride and groom were on their wedding day
– Seeing how happy the bride and groom were when they see the pictures

Things we don’t miss:
– The stress of getting ready for, capturing everything and the weather
– Not getting to eat at the wedding (I can’t tell you how many our plates got taken away because we had to jump up to photograph something)
– Working on the weekend

Things that are awesome now that we don’t photograph weddings
– Almost every weekend is free
– I LOVE my new job working for amazing photographers
– Bret LOVES having only one job (at one point he had five jobs at once)
– Consistent income – Bret has a set income and mine is pretty consistent as well

But I do miss our behind the scenes photos…




Day 1831- Bret Got A JOB!!!!!!!

After 5 years of school, substitute teaching and a whole lot of side jobs, I am SOOOO proud to say Bret signed a contract yesterday to be a permanent physical education teacher at an elementary school! Praise God!

It was so surreal looking over the benefits packet….knowing that we’ll have things like life insurance, DENTAL insurance and the option for 457b an account! WHAT?

It has been a tough (but VERY fruitful) few years and we are just blown away by the grace God has shown us over the years and this HUGE blessing on us.

Look at how cute he is in his teacher get up! 🙂 *not my picture, taken by a school provided photographer.