Day 2275 – “Do You Miss Wedding Photography?”

Since we decided to stop photographing weddings, the biggest question we get is “do you miss it?”

Things we miss:
– Meeting awesome new couples, their friends and family
– Creating images of day 1 for great couples
– Wedding food
– Dancing at weddings (there’s something about that one dance we would squeeze in, with all our camera gear on)
– Seeing how happy the bride and groom were on their wedding day
– Seeing how happy the bride and groom were when they see the pictures

Things we don’t miss:
– The stress of getting ready for, capturing everything and the weather
– Not getting to eat at the wedding (I can’t tell you how many our plates got taken away because we had to jump up to photograph something)
– Working on the weekend

Things that are awesome now that we don’t photograph weddings
– Almost every weekend is free
– I LOVE my new job working for amazing photographers
– Bret LOVES having only one job (at one point he had five jobs at once)
– Consistent income – Bret has a set income and mine is pretty consistent as well

But I do miss our behind the scenes photos…