Day 1831- Bret Got A JOB!!!!!!!

After 5 years of school, substitute teaching and a whole lot of side jobs, I am SOOOO proud to say Bret signed a contract yesterday to be a permanent physical education teacher at an elementary school! Praise God!

It was so surreal looking over the benefits packet….knowing that we’ll have things like life insurance, DENTAL insurance and the option for 457b an account! WHAT?

It has been a tough (but VERY fruitful) few years and we are just blown away by the grace God has shown us over the years and this HUGE blessing on us.

Look at how cute he is in his teacher get up! 🙂 *not my picture, taken by a school provided photographer.

Day 1774 – Perks Of Bret’s Job

Bret’s day job is teaching Physical Education. He has a long term sub job at the moment and LOVES it!

Last week (or the week before?) was teacher appreciation week. He got some desserts and the like, but one student got him this! So cute!!


I’m so proud of my hubby and all he’s done since we got married! He went to school, worked close to full-time, worked with me and now has a degree! Oh you know, AND helped make it possible for me to quit my day job! Love that man!!!