Day 1508 – Today I Took Off, Drove For 7 Hours And Saw Lots Of Things

Bret’s cousin is in town and wanted to see a few things nearby.

Our first stop was Seaside Heights, NJ.

We saw the Jersey Shore house…


Beautiful beach!


After a walk on the boardwalk, we took off and went to Philly! Had an AMAZING cheesesteak too!


Now, you may be wondering how I can drive 7 hours in one day. Books on tape, coffee and cheese curls…obviously. 🙂


Day 866 – Happy Thanksgiving or Go Ravens!

After the turkey was carved and the mashed potatoes mixed with gravy, I changed my clothes.

Ok, not completely, I just added an item, a Raven’s jersey. Granted, it was Heap, who is not with the team anymore, which my siblings gave me a hard time about, but I still wore it proud. Heap was a great player.

Why did I put on a Raven’s jersey on Thanksgiving? Because my wonderful father gave all his kids (including Bret) tickets to the Thanksgiving day game!

I snagged this shot of my rings with the shirt before we left.

I doubt I’ll spend every major holiday doing something so awesome, but hey, a girl can dream.