Day 1450 – Do You Know How Closely You’re Being Watched? Or Someone Remembered Me Over 10 Years Later!

I’ve been meaning to share a story for quite some time. It happened back in March, but I just haven’t sat down to write it. After an event yesterday, I knew it was time.

Yesterday was my friend Abby’s baby shower. As I was settling down with my food, a few people came by the table and they had the “I know you look.” Abby proceeded to introduce me and each person said, “ooooooh! Jennilyn!!!” Apparently, she talks about me a lot! They even recognized me from my picture! After this happened, I shared the following story….

We were at the Kristofco rehearsal dinner chatting with the family and friends…I LOVE this time during the wedding. It’s great to somewhat kick back and get to know those who are most important to our couples. It’s part of what makes us great on the wedding day.

Anyways, I was checking out one of the gifts (which I won’t share, because I’m thinking about buying it for a friend!) and started chatting with her and her husband. He looked at me a little funny and said, “ok, I have a really weird question….where did you go to college…did you go around this time?…ok….did you have a purple cape?”

Let me say here that I went to college from 2000-2004. Woah!

“Why yes, yes I did!”

“OH MY GOSH! I wanted to talk to you back then! My friends and I called you Cape Girl!!!”

At this point, his wife says, “Oh yea! I remember him talking about you!”

It was hilarious, but also VERY humbling. To think that something I wore OVER TEN YEARS AGO made such a big impression on someone…it made me realize that I need to be very careful in what I say and do…I have NO idea who is watching. It makes me think about days when I walk around wearing my emotions on my face (if I’m angry, tired, whatever), it can make someone else angry…etc.

I had a reversed situation JUST like this yesterday….I was leaving a 7 Eleven and I held the door open for the guy behind me. I stood there maybe two seconds longer…after he left, he said, “Thank you! Have a blessed day!” And you know what, I did! I was all smiles when I got to the car and finished my drive over to K&B.

And since I’m sure you’re curious….here’s my cape! Which, I came to find out later is actually a cloak…since it has a hood. It is black velvet on the inside and purple wool on the outside….very warm and perfect for Raven’s games!


Day 1409 – How My Husband Keeps Me Humble

Bret knows me pretty darn well. So well that he can call me out on things.

A few days ago, he pointed out something I really should do. It’s something I’ve needed to do for about 3 years. I proceeded to joke with him.

Me – But I’ve been soooooo busy the last three years!
Bret – Oh really?
Me – Yea, swamped!
Bret – How many times have you watched Friends in the last 3 years?

Oucha! (The answer is at least 4-5 times)

I am glad I have someone like Bret who loves me like crazy…enough to keep me in line! 🙂


p.s. Who misses his epic beard???

Day 1356 – Even When I’m Angry, There Is Something To Learn

For the last few weeks, I’ve had an issue with my outgoing email via Outlook. I’ve been emailing my provider when I can, but since I’ve been so busy, it’s something that had to wait. I was, however, getting more and more angry as time went on. I felt like my provider wasn’t really listening to what was wrong and not treating me like I should be treated. I have to say, when you work for yourself and strive to have awesome customer service, you notice when you DON’T get that level of service….and when you DO! I even considered switching providers.

I finally got an email that basically said, um, yea, maybe you should call us about this. I will say the woman I spoke with was AWESOME! Definitely made me feel better about things. Figured out the email problem pretty much right away. But there was a little catch…see, one thing the company suggested was upgrading to this other email thing….only cost about $20….when we realized I shouldn’t have done that, she tried to get me a refund. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the authority to do that…but she made a big discovery…..I’ve been overpaying, more than double, for my service with them!! I was so thankful that she caught that and helped me change my account. I asked if I could get a refund for overpaying. She basically said that since it’s online, I should have known… first I got upset about that. Namely, because I had to pay for a full year of my service up front.

But then, after I got off the phone and cooled down a bit, I realized something….

If I hadn’t had an issue with my email, I wouldn’t have gone through the weeks of contacting customer service…
I wouldn’t have upgraded my email…
I wouldn’t have talked to the woman who caught my mistake in billing…
I wouldn’t have saved myself over $100…

So even in our mistakes and angry days, God is working it all out for our good. It also showed me I still have quite the temper!! 🙂