Day 1356 – Even When I’m Angry, There Is Something To Learn

For the last few weeks, I’ve had an issue with my outgoing email via Outlook. I’ve been emailing my provider when I can, but since I’ve been so busy, it’s something that had to wait. I was, however, getting more and more angry as time went on. I felt like my provider wasn’t really listening to what was wrong and not treating me like I should be treated. I have to say, when you work for yourself and strive to have awesome customer service, you notice when you DON’T get that level of service….and when you DO! I even considered switching providers.

I finally got an email that basically said, um, yea, maybe you should call us about this. I will say the woman I spoke with was AWESOME! Definitely made me feel better about things. Figured out the email problem pretty much right away. But there was a little catch…see, one thing the company suggested was upgrading to this other email thing….only cost about $20….when we realized I shouldn’t have done that, she tried to get me a refund. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the authority to do that…but she made a big discovery…..I’ve been overpaying, more than double, for my service with them!! I was so thankful that she caught that and helped me change my account. I asked if I could get a refund for overpaying. She basically said that since it’s online, I should have known… first I got upset about that. Namely, because I had to pay for a full year of my service up front.

But then, after I got off the phone and cooled down a bit, I realized something….

If I hadn’t had an issue with my email, I wouldn’t have gone through the weeks of contacting customer service…
I wouldn’t have upgraded my email…
I wouldn’t have talked to the woman who caught my mistake in billing…
I wouldn’t have saved myself over $100…

So even in our mistakes and angry days, God is working it all out for our good. It also showed me I still have quite the temper!! 🙂


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