Day 3432 – Every Day Can Be A Good Day

A few weeks back, I was at Big Lots purchasing some toiletries (it’s crazy how much cheaper they are there!) and my cashier was in an incredibly good mood. She chatted with everyone and just seemed to really enjoy her job.

I have some retail work experience and know that it’s a really tough job….and I worked in the office! I was out on the floor maybe 5-10% of my time there, and even that was enough for me to realize how hard it could be.

So this cashier reminded me that even if you’re in a situation that could be seen as hard, you can still be in a good mood. Thank you cashier lady, your good mood was very much appreciated.


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Day 2664 – Well, It Didn’t Backfire

You may be wondering how my 4 cavity extravaganza went. I’m happy to report, quite well! We only filled 2 yesterday, still more than I’ve ever had filled at once. I have to say, my new dentist is pretty cool. When I went for a cleaning a few weeks ago, I got my xrays taken by an open air machine. I got an almost 360 picture of my teeth in under a minute. SO thankful I didn’t have to do those big bite wing thingambobs! By the time I sat down in the chair for the cleaning, my xrays were ON MY FILE on the computer next to the chair! After that experience, I was curious to see what the filings would be like. As I sat down, the dentist clicked on a live video button. What? Turns out, they have a camera they can put in my mouth to take pictures at different points during the procedure. I was able to see the before, during and after. It was pretty flippin cool. Now, I don’t have the best teeth, thanks to my poor habits when I had braces….so it was a little embarrassing to see my nasty ol’ teeth on a screen like that. BUT, it was sooooooo neat. I also have to say, the dentist was done in about 40 minutes. Not too shabby! I spent the rest of the day eating sorbet and resting. Shout out to the best hubby ever who got me mashed potatoes and gravy and all kinds of food I could eat.

Hello to a little cleaner of a mouth for my AHHHHH selfies…