Day 2663 – When Getting Everything Done At Once Backfires….Maybe

I’m a bit of an overachiever. I like to be the best. Sometimes I won’t play a game with others if I don’t think I will win. I like to be logistical in my grocery shopping and errands. I think about how much gas I’ll use to get from A to B to C. I’ll even add in my “hourly rate” to see if it’s worth going.

I’m thinking that this part of myself is going to backfire today. See, I went about 3 years without going to the dentist. I finally went and, of course, I have 4 cavities. Now, a normal person would schedule 4 appointments. Or maybe 2. But me? I’m not exactly normal. So, I figured, hey, why not knock them all out in one day? Hence, today, I will get 4 cavities filled. Thankfully, my new dentist is right across the street. Since I’m not sure how I’ll be, I’ve cleared my schedule and I’m knocking out my work as much as possible this morning. Hopefully, I’m over-planning and will be just fine when I arrive home.

Stay tuned…

Have you ever tried to be logistical like this and it totally backfired?


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