Day 1659 – Today Is The Day! – Or – Win A FREE Wedding! – Or – Open House At Be More Inspired Wedding Studio

Eeeeep! I cannot contain my excitement for the open house tonight! I’m sitting in my chair just shaking! Wait…scratch that….that’s the coffee kicking in. But I am super excited! 🙂

Why am I really this excited about an open house? Well, it’s not just the fact that I’ll jump up and down for the littlest of things (YAY, someone made coffee!!…..YAY! I have K-Cups!!….hmmm, maybe I overdid it with the coffee this morning)….and it’s not only because I love parties and networking….but here are a few of the reasons why I’m excited and why YOU should be excited (and stop by) too!!

The chance to win a FREE wedding!! I mean, seriously, this is reason enough to stop by alone!

BEAUTIFUL bridal gowns! Tons and tons of bridal gowns!

This my favorite gown in the studio right now! I mean, hello, I LOVE the sparkles!!! 🙂 There is one in the front window too that has sparkles UNDER a sheer first layer. *swoon* Bret! I want to get married again….or at least get to wear a wedding dress again with you! Mmmmm, I love weddings.


Tons and tons of bridesmaids dresses too!!!


B-E-A-utiful flowers!!


Amazing custom jewelry!


MY work!


You’ll also get to meet the girls from Lavish Salon & Spa AND the amazing event stylists/wedding planners of Moore & Co. Event Stylists!

So here’s what it looks like from outside! Though….I doubt you’ll be able to miss it if you drive down Main Street in Bel Air tonight! Woot Woot!!


So?! Will I see you there??? …At this point I’m jumping up and down! Maybe I should get another cup of coffee….