Day 2486 – Marriage Tip – Wow Your Spouse

Bret is all about quests in life. Whether it’s the quest to break a world record, finding the best tent or finding the perfect spouse (his words, not mine), Bret is all about finding the best. His current quest is the perfect beer. He loved Red Sky at Night from Heavy Seas but we were told they aren’t making it anymore when we took the tour a few weeks back. ::insert Bret’s broken heart here:: So! Now he is on the hunt for a new favorite beer. We continued his quest at the Judge’s Bench in Ellicott City yesterday. What a fun place with great staff and nice customers. While chatting with one of the customers about beers, they mentioned Du Claw and it reminded Bret of Sweet Baby Jesus (chocolate and peanut butter beer). They also talked about getting a growler at Du Claw in Arundel Mills. I went to a movie last minute and decided to surprise Bret with a growler of Sweet Baby Jesus. A bit more than I’d like to spend but the growler was flippin’ cool!

So let me tell you about Bret. He’s not one to get super excited about stuff like me. Me, I’m jumping up and down, woo hooing, etc. Well, when I showed him the growler, he was speechless. Mouth open, hands on the head, So. Freakin’. Happy.

It doesn’t get better than this.

Well, humorously placed signs help too.


Day 2465 – Meal Idea – Purchased From Aldi And Big Lots – About $1.00 A Serving

I purchased almost all of these ingredients from Aldi’s and Big Lots. The frozen veggies were purchased from Mars during a sale.

One thing I love to do is make a big old pot of something and eat the left overs for the week. My most recent creation turned out REALLY well. I didn’t add spices, so Bret did add some spicy sauce and some spices. I sometimes use this big old pot of stuff as an excuse for junk food like Velveeta Shells and Cheese. Today I tried out corn pasta, which was actually pretty good!

Here’s my recipe and the nutritional info.

– Corn Pasta – $1.25 at Big Lots – whole bag
– Hunt’s Tomato Sauce – $1.00 at Big Lots – whole can
– Variety bag of frozen veggies – ~$2.00 at Mars Super Market (I think I got this and the follow frozen veggies for $1.00-$1.50, but for our purposes, since I can’t remember, I’m estimating high) – whole bag
– Frozen green beans – ~$2.00 at Mars Super Market – whole bag
– Frozen sweet peas – ~$2.00 at Mars Super Market – whole bag
– Hormel Chili – ~$2.00 at Big Lots – whole can
– 1lb Ground turkey – Aldi – ~$4.00 – whole pound

1. Brown Turkey
2. Prepare pasta per package
3. Heat all veggies
4. As things are finishing, pour in a giant mixing bowl – I put the chili and pasta sauce on the bottom so they would heat as hot ingredients were added.
5. Mix it all together

– I’ve started to freeze about 65-75% of what I make so we don’t get bored and so it lasts a while.
– While totaling the nutritional facts, I was very disappointed in the sodium and carbs. I’ll more than likely nix the chili and tomato sauce next time for other ingredients
– I didn’t have the receipts for the frozen veggies, chili and turkey, so I just estimated.

Final cost overall – $15.11, $1.08 per serving

Nutritional facts:
Servings – ~14

Calories – 276.5
Fat – 4.6
Saturated Fat – 1.3
Cholesterol – 26.4
Sodium – 396.4
Potassium – 107.1
Carbs – 39.6
Fiber – 6.2
Sugars – 6.3
Protein – 16.3




Day 2386 – The Story Of Bret And Jennilyn Looking For A Shovel Before A Blizzard

It was a tale of woe, adventure and poor planning. Our heroes, Bret and Jennilyn (Bretilyn, if you will), discovered they were behind their cohorts in preparing for what may turn out to be the greatest blizzard they have ever encountered. On the eve of the snow, Bretilyn discovered they were without a shovel. As you may recall from previous stories, this couple lives very light and their personal possessions are few. Alas, a shovel was not included in their inventory. Cancelling all plans and expecting the worst, our duo ventures out with the other procrastinators.

Their first stop was Lowe’s, thinking they could perhaps go to a place no one would think of for this holy grail. Lowe’s had an ample supply of salt and heaters, but alas, no snow shovels. They ventured forth.

Jennilyn thought they might have luck at Big Lots, but she only found more delicious treats for the long exile to their home. Arguably, this may have been a more important purchase.

While waiting in the line of fellow dawdlers, Bret burst through the doors, phone in hand, heralding the news that snow shovels were in ample supply at the uniform depot only one store down from Jennilyn. The news was spread with the line of new friends. The shovel had been found and everyone rejoiced…..between grumbling at each other for cutting in line and being upset that there was a line. Imagine! Lines at a store with food the day before a blizzard!

After this joyous victory, our adventurers investigated the local Walgreens and discovered a stock pile of non-alcoholic drinks. Jennilyn filled her arms with virgin margaritas, mojitos and a bottle of virgin wine.

Bretilyn now wait for the incoming apocalypse with a vast amount of supplies.

33 books and magazines from the library. 3 of which are on Jennilyn’s “to be read” list.
9 movies from the library (1 watched)
14 borrowed figures for the Lego Dimensions game, in addition to Jennilyn’s 16 figures
6 bags/boxes of snacks
3 desserts to make
11 cans of virgin margarita’s (1 down!)
3 can’s of virgin mojito’s (1 down – not as good as the margarita’s)
1 bottle of virgin wine
3/4 of a box of real wine for Bret
2 beers (for Bret)
3/4 bottle of Mt. Dew
~12 liters of water
And 1 shovel.

Our heroes will survive.



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Day 2102 – Good Friends + The Pop Shop + A Day Outside = Heaven On Earth

Yesterday, we had the joy of hanging out with some very old friends (the very same ones who gave us great relationship advice before we got married and gave me their bouquet) and their daughters. We started our journey at The Pop Shop where we stuffed our faces with grease. Then we took a hike behind their home and spent the rest of the day chatting around a fire. It was a wonderful time of catching up and encouraging one another in our walks with Christ. How wonderful to have such dear friends. 🙂