Day 3177 – Thanks Snow! – or – Real Dates With Bret!

Whooo hooo! I’m so thankful for the snow this week! While I did come down with a cold on the first day, it has been a really great time off with Bret. The first day I mostly rested after I finished my priority work, but we did get to watch Thor Ragnarok. I’ve had a hold request on the DVD at the library for over a month, how wonderful that it arrived the DAY before the snow day! We had recently watched Spiderman Homecoming, in an effort to catch up before Avengers Infinity War. Yesterday, Bret was off of school again, but by lunch, most of the snow had melted, so we were able to watch Black Panther in the theater.

I am SO pumped for Infinity War!


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Day 678 – El Salto Date – YES!

Ok, I did miss yesterday. I think I’ve missed two days so far (since I started the blog….not since our “day 1”). I hate that I have…but I don’t think I did anything even remotely noteworthy.
I was reading this book….if you REALLY had to know what I did!

Anyways! Tonight we had a surprise date night! It was great! Bret actually surprised me with where we were going! I knew when we got off the exit where we were going….but it was still fun to be surprised like that!
We had a WONDERFUL meal at el Salto. It is by far my favorite Mexican restaurant! I have been going there for over 10 years and still get the same thing every time! If you make it out, I get lunch special #5 or the dinner special #27. Our meal included 2 #27’s, a side of cheese (it’s from heaven, seriously), a milk and a pitcher of beer….for 40 bucks….with tip! Chips and salsa are included…with refills. [are you sold yet? no? ok, well, here are some pictures to help you!….and some from outside the apartment before we left]