Day 678 – El Salto Date – YES!

Ok, I did miss yesterday. I think I’ve missed two days so far (since I started the blog….not since our “day 1”). I hate that I have…but I don’t think I did anything even remotely noteworthy.
I was reading this book….if you REALLY had to know what I did!

Anyways! Tonight we had a surprise date night! It was great! Bret actually surprised me with where we were going! I knew when we got off the exit where we were going….but it was still fun to be surprised like that!
We had a WONDERFUL meal at el Salto. It is by far my favorite Mexican restaurant! I have been going there for over 10 years and still get the same thing every time! If you make it out, I get lunch special #5 or the dinner special #27. Our meal included 2 #27’s, a side of cheese (it’s from heaven, seriously), a milk and a pitcher of beer….for 40 bucks….with tip! Chips and salsa are included…with refills. [are you sold yet? no? ok, well, here are some pictures to help you!….and some from outside the apartment before we left]

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