Day 3287 – Nine Trips Around The Sun, 3287 Days, Nine Years As A Wife

Nine years ago today, I entered into the most serious commitment of my life.

I didn’t realize what I would be gaining by saying I do and cleaving to my new husband.

I gained the very best friend I have ever known. Someone who has accepted me as I am, through my struggle with alcoholism.

I gained a business partner, not once, but twice. I did not see either of those coming!

I gained someone who would push me to be the best version of myself. While it’s awesome to say someone accepts you as you are, it’s even better to have someone who sees what you could be and encourages you to become that.

I gained the best travel buddy I could ask for.

I gained a mosh pit buddy.

To celebrate, we’re taking a short road trip to Long Island to see our favorite band, Thrice. I love that we’re doing all the things that I love about us on this trip.

Happy anniversary B/Husband Pants/Huz/Dar dar/Bret, you are one of the best things that has happened to me, and I’m so glad I get to walk this crazy life with you by my side.


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Day 1692 – Celebrating Is Important, So Is Not Going Overboard – Or – A Review Of The New Boston Market

Yesterday was SUCH a great day! Even though it snowed….again….I don’t think there has ever been a year I’ve been more tired of snow. But, hey, the ground is getting a lot of water…so that’s something.

I started off my day with a consult with a potential bride and groom. I had SUCH a blast getting to know them and hearing about their outdoor wedding! I LOVE outdoor weddings! Especially ones that take place at a family member’s home! It’s so personal and laid back…just like us! 🙂 The meeting finished with a signed contract! Woot woot!

To celebrate, I took myself out to lunch. I really don’t do this too often, so it was a real treat! My meal was only about 9-10 bucks. I stopped by a Boston Market and was VERY impressed! It’s been a while since I’ve been to one…I’m not sure why, I’ve always loved their food! I was greeted by the cashier in a very friendly manner (more so than the normal “I have to be nice to you” cashier greeting) and I didn’t feel pressure to make up my mind quickly. After I finished ordering, I was given a table number and told they’d bring me my food! I definitely have memories of waiting FOREVER at the counter for my food. It gets so backed up and crowded. I sat down at my table and started to read while I waited. They brought my food….IN A GLASS BOWL! WOW! A big difference from the plastic container they used to use. The food was still as good as I remembered it too! They even cleared my dishes!

So, if it’s been a while since you’ve been by Boston Market, give them another visit!

I mean, look how good this looks!


Day 1371 – Hightopps In Timonium, A Great Place To Celebrate!

So, as you know, we paid off our bills yesterday! Woo! Happy day! So, instead of going out and spending a lot of money to celebrate, we found a place to have an inexpensive night out!

We went to Hightopps Backstage Grille! The main reason we went was because of their Thursday night special!

The special was a pitcher of beer AND a pizza for ten bucks!!! It was a DELICIOUS pizza too! They also had $1 Coors Light drafts after 6 p.m. We left paying less than $30 bucks WITH tip! I highly recommend the place! Lots of fun outdoor seating too!