Day 1692 – Celebrating Is Important, So Is Not Going Overboard – Or – A Review Of The New Boston Market

Yesterday was SUCH a great day! Even though it snowed….again….I don’t think there has ever been a year I’ve been more tired of snow. But, hey, the ground is getting a lot of water…so that’s something.

I started off my day with a consult with a potential bride and groom. I had SUCH a blast getting to know them and hearing about their outdoor wedding! I LOVE outdoor weddings! Especially ones that take place at a family member’s home! It’s so personal and laid back…just like us! 🙂 The meeting finished with a signed contract! Woot woot!

To celebrate, I took myself out to lunch. I really don’t do this too often, so it was a real treat! My meal was only about 9-10 bucks. I stopped by a Boston Market and was VERY impressed! It’s been a while since I’ve been to one…I’m not sure why, I’ve always loved their food! I was greeted by the cashier in a very friendly manner (more so than the normal “I have to be nice to you” cashier greeting) and I didn’t feel pressure to make up my mind quickly. After I finished ordering, I was given a table number and told they’d bring me my food! I definitely have memories of waiting FOREVER at the counter for my food. It gets so backed up and crowded. I sat down at my table and started to read while I waited. They brought my food….IN A GLASS BOWL! WOW! A big difference from the plastic container they used to use. The food was still as good as I remembered it too! They even cleared my dishes!

So, if it’s been a while since you’ve been by Boston Market, give them another visit!

I mean, look how good this looks!