Day 3210 – Immersive Advertising Research

One of the things we’ve started to do is immerse ourselves into the subject we’re trying to create a marketing piece for. If we’re creating a postcard for a Cinco de Mayo postcard, we go out to a Mexican restaurant and eat tacos.

We’re creating a postcard for a summer promotion and decided to get into the summer vibe by going to Rita’s. Funny enough, we ate in the car with the heat on. Hey, that’s what imaginations are for, right?

I have to say, this ice flight is THE greatest idea, thanks Rita’s! I always get the same flavor, so it was fun to try new things. The cotton candy was AWESOME!


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Day 927 – What a Great Day!

What am I excited about today?!?

Well, first I met with Allison Craig over at Padonia Park Club. She is an Event Coordinator over there. We were discussing adding me to their preferred vendors list! Very exciting stuff! I really love the venue! There are lots of options for brides and I LOVE that you can have the ceremony and the reception there! I’m a big fan of that!

I’m also excited because I just sent out a new batch of postcards! I’ve been wanting to do more direct mailings to the leads I receive. I can’t wait to see how they go!

No picture today….I’m going rock climbing later and want to rest my fingers. You know…because pushing that button to take a picture takes so much out of your fingers…. 😉

Nevermind….we’ll bring back an oldie but a goodie….actually, this was the first picture I took for this blog. 🙂 So, a very goodie.