Day 2814 – Perks Of My Job – Postcards From Far Off Places

What I do for work has changed so much over the last few years. I love changing and growing and learning new things. I love using my gifts in the myriad of ways that I do. I love the people that I’ve met and work for. One of those amazing people is Lori Gross. She is a stunning pet photographer, as well as an expedition guide to Antarctica, who wants to share the Antarctic Experience with others, among many other things. She is definitely a woman after my own heart with her desire to build multiple businesses, and share her passions with others.

So not only do I get to work for such a great person who encourages MY dreams, she sends me postcards from Antarctica! The mail is MUCH slower, so even though she mailed this a while back, it just arrived yesterday. Each year, she shares photos and videos with me of what she experiences. Each year, my desire to visit increases. I cannot wait for the time I can finally see that stunning country in person with her.

Make sure you check out all her various links above!


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Day 927 – What a Great Day!

What am I excited about today?!?

Well, first I met with Allison Craig over at Padonia Park Club. She is an Event Coordinator over there. We were discussing adding me to their preferred vendors list! Very exciting stuff! I really love the venue! There are lots of options for brides and I LOVE that you can have the ceremony and the reception there! I’m a big fan of that!

I’m also excited because I just sent out a new batch of postcards! I’ve been wanting to do more direct mailings to the leads I receive. I can’t wait to see how they go!

No picture today….I’m going rock climbing later and want to rest my fingers. You know…because pushing that button to take a picture takes so much out of your fingers…. 😉

Nevermind….we’ll bring back an oldie but a goodie….actually, this was the first picture I took for this blog. 🙂 So, a very goodie.