Day 5000 – I Had To Say Hello Today!

It has been 1500 days since we’ve spoken. I figured I could come out of retirement to say hello on day 5000! 

So what has changed with us since 2/9/2019? 

I’m still sober. I actually hit 8 ½ years next week and we’re celebrating at Spirit-Free Speakeasy!

Bret still holds the Guinness World Record for fireman’s carry.

Bret still has rings 6, 7, and 8! Guess those REALLY stuck! 

So what’s new with the G’s? 

We finally hit the road full-time in an RV! We do post some on Journey With The Gs, so you can catch up on things there! 

We’re currently in Florida and I’m enjoying going to Disney often, both the parks and the resorts. I actually drafted this out at Wilderness Lodge. 

I’m doing virtual admin work. Bret is doing some virtual personal training, sharing fitness videos online and doing a few different jobs. 

What’s new with you??

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