Day 3363 – How To Read More – Read A New Book Month Day 25

I realized yesterday that all the best book recommendations in the world are useless if you don’t figure out one thing first – how to read more. Looking back, I should have started this month with tips, but ah, hindsight. So here are some tips to help you read more.

Make it a priority and do it first, or as early as you can. One thing I do almost every day is read from three different books. Even though I only read 2-10 pages from each book, it still adds up.

Make it fun. When I set my huge goal of reading 300 books this year, I hit a point where reading was just not fun. I found myself reading like I was in school. If you’re not having fun reading, change things up.

Stop reading a book if you don’t like it. This was a big shift for me over the past few years. I can sometimes tell in the first page or two if it’s a book for me. Sometimes I’ll stop after 50-100 pages (oh how hard that is when I’m trying to up my read count!) Sometimes a book will stress me out and I’m like, dude, why would I put myself through this?

Listen to them. Audiobooks are an amazing thing and can really help increase your read count. You can listen while doing the dishes or driving or while taking a walk or cleaning. Make sure to listen to a little bit of the book before you dive in. A good reader can make a hard book much easier (I finally read The Book Thief because of listening to it).

Join a book club. This is one thing I haven’t done yet, but I think I might enjoy it. Though, my reading tastes change a lot, so it might be harder for me to HAVE to read a book at a set time.

Do a reading challenge. I have had SO much fun doing reading challenges this year and last. They help to open your eyes to new books you might never read without the challenge.

Join Facebook groups. I’m in a few groups based around the reading challenges. Oh friends, that took my reading to a new level! I found people who loved to read as I did. Having a community to share your experiences with adds such a new level.

Have your books where you’ll read them. I have a stack by my bed. I have a stack next to my computer. I have audiobooks on my phone. I have books on CD from the library in the car.

You tell me. What do YOU do to read more? Let me know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Day 3363 – How To Read More – Read A New Book Month Day 25

  1. I actually set a daily page goal for each title I’m currently reading and I write that goal on my to do list for the day. I adjust the number of pages depending on my schedule, but that way I’m always doing some reading at least. 300 is quite a goal! I couldn’t do it. I manage somewhere between 60 and 70 most years. The last few weeks have been hard, though, with my own book release. I hate how slowly I’ve been moving and can’t wait to get to a point where I can make better progress. I’ll give a book 50 pages to capture me. I figure if it hasn’t by then, it probably won’t and I’d be better off reading something else.

    • Ooo! That’s a good one! I do that when one of my morning three is due at the library. I read the books much faster that way.

      Oh man, 300 is very unlikely at this point. My current count is 129. My Goodreads goal is 175 and I am on track to hit that.

      I feel ya on the last few weeks! My read count is SO low and I can feel it in my bones. I tell Bret that he can judge how well I am emotionally based on how much I’m reading. Here’s hoping both of us get more reading in soon!

      Good luck with your book release!!

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