Day 2938 – What I Wish I Knew About Writing A Book When I Started

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a writer. I wrote a few stories, a bunch of poems, and journaled a lot. I’m so thankful that my younger self kept a journal like she did. It let’s me look back, and know where I’ve come from and how much I’ve changed. It wasn’t until I was grown that I knew I had to write a book. It took me SO long to write my first book.

I think most people have a book in them. I think that YOU have something to say. So what do I wish I knew? Here’s a few things, and hopefully, they will help you as you start (and FINISH) your book.

– You will start from scratch several times. That first time that you have to start from scratch is really difficult. It feels like you’ve wasted all this time, but it is needed in the process.

– Just write. Getting anything down on paper is a good exercise.

– You will think you’re done, but you are far from it. (Rinse and repeat this one)

– You will print out many, many drafts of your book.

– You need to love the editing process. You need to love ensuring that your words are having their desired impact.

– There are smarter people than you, use them. I’m SO glad I hired editors for my books. It brought my books to another level, and made them much more helpful.

– Reading continually will help you as a writer. I’ve gotten some great ideas, and received inspiration through the books I’ve read.

– Have a music playlist at the ready for your writing time. Classical music or soundtracks are my go to for this. In particular, I listen to a playlist of 40 cello classics.

– Have a set place you write, or at least a routine. It really helps to get your brain into writing mode.

– Don’t hold your words too tightly. You might think they’re beautiful and perfect, but they might not be clear. It helps to read your words out loud.

– Enjoy the whole process. Once you learn it, you won’t freak out when you have to start over, when you have to have your words chopped up, when you want to throw in the towel….again.

– And above all – keep writing.

When can I read YOUR book?

How do you like my editing pen?


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2 thoughts on “Day 2938 – What I Wish I Knew About Writing A Book When I Started

  1. Yes, I’ve learned many of these things over time as well. The things I always encourage aspiring authors are: write every day, work on one project at a time, and have a plan for your book before you start writing. It’s amazing how intentional and consistent persistence can lead to tremendous results!

    • One thing I should add is that having a plan of what I’m going to write/work on the day before. It saves me from the “what should I write?” problem when I sit in front of the keyboard. Writing in the morning is when I’m best, but if I have to use too much energy figuring out the next step, it’s no good. I can see the correlations when I actually write every day. One of my struggles is the time right after I publish a book. I want to “give myself time off” but it seems to stunt my momentum. Thanks for the comment!

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