Day 2937 – A Huge Email Time Suck Off My Mind

Hi, my name is Jennilyn and I’m an education junkie. I watch webinars, read articles, watch YouTube videos, read books, and sign up for a million email lists. When I set up the Journey With The G’s website, social media, and email, I started using that account to sign up for marketing emails. Now, I get dozens of emails each day that I just don’t have time to read. Yesterday, I finally had it. I’m all about minimalism in life, which I strive for, but fail often. Hi, my name is Jennilyn and I’m not perfect.

Now, if you didn’t know, Google is amazing in how they have their email set up. There is a way to route your email so it doesn’t clog up your inbox. I took the time to add a filter to EVERY email list I’m on. I took a few minutes with each to put them in sub categories, some with a little note, so when I DO have a minute to sit down and read some of the excellent content coming my way, I’m reminding myself WHY I signed up in the first place. If you have this problem too, let me walk you through what I did.

How to set up filters in Gmail
Copy the email address
Open a new window and open your settings, this makes it easier to add a bunch of filters for each email at once
Click on Filters and Blocked Addresses (at the top of the screen)
Click on Create a new filter at the top or in the middle of your screen (depends on if you have filters set up or not)
Paste the email address into the From box
Click on Create filter with this search
this is how I did mine, but there are lots of options to choose from. I wanted to file these emails right away.
Check Skip the Inbox (Archive it)
Check Apply the label:
Select New Label in the drop down
Check Nest label under:
Select to read (or whatever you call the label)
Type the company or person’s name as the new label
For example, if you signed up for the Journey With The G’s email list, you might say “Journey With The G’s (travel advice)”
Click Create
Check Also apply filter to XX matching conversations
Click Create filter

All the emails that fit that description will be moved!

Go back to your inbox window and refresh. Repeat the process until your inbox is empty. In the future, I will be adding filters when I join a list. If you’re like me, and go on a sign up binge, you totally forget why you signed up for someone’s list. I’m hoping adding this small switch in my education workflow will help me really learn and not be bogged down with 20-30 email notifications every day that I honestly won’t get to in that moment.

Now, this is what I see when I go into my gmail. 🙂


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