Day 2851 – Why The Hood Of My Car Made Me A Little Sad Today

Today may sound a little silly, but we’re all about silliness and simplicity over here. Last week, our car was involved in a minor accident. Today I visited a collision repair place to get an estimate. One of the things that will need to be replaced is the hood of the car. You wouldn’t think the hood of a car would make you thoughtful, but the hood of my car is a little different.

Back in 2008, I was driving from my job in Baltimore City to deliver an order to wedding clients. The sky was like the movies where one side was all blue and birds singing and the other (the exact direction I was driving) was filled with black, dark, menacing clouds. In a short 1/4 mile drive, the rain started to pour. In another 1/4 mile, I thought, wow, that’s coming down pretty hard, like hail. After driving a block or so, I realized it WAS hail. I pulled over and sat in my car as it started to rock back and forth from the wind. I watched the clouds around me swirl. I have never been more afraid and thought I was going to die. As I sat there, leg shaking on the break, repeating “I’m going to die” over and over again, lightening struck close by. It blew a transformer and took out the power in the block. I found out later a tornado had touched down only a few miles away. After many long minutes, the wind died down and I drove off. Very shaken up.

I have dozens of large dents on the car from the rain of hail. I never got them taken out because it is a constant reminder of God’s protection over me that day. As I look back on my life, I realize I’ve had several near death experiences, from a canoeing accident to knowing I probably would have died if I kept driving the night I was arrested. When I made my list yesterday, I left out a big one – there is a reason I am still here on this planet. God has things for me in this life. Whether it’s through my writing, creating a business to help others travel without going into debt, or just being a helpmate to my spouse.

So take heart friends, let the little, silly things remind you of the big things. And excuse me while I go cry over the hood of a car.


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2 thoughts on “Day 2851 – Why The Hood Of My Car Made Me A Little Sad Today

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