Day 3217 – It’s Ok To Cry Over Inanimate Objects – or – Ode To My First New Car

As I write this, I am waiting for a tow truck to pick up my car, Sam, for donation.

I have had Sam since 2005 when I bought him new. Up to that point, I only drove hand-me-down cars. I had experienced non-starting cars, no stereos, no heat or A/C, broken windows, and more. When I went to purchase my new car and the salesman asked what I was looking for in a car, I jokingly said – it starts, the stereo works, and I don’t want to have to use two hands to open or close the windows. He didn’t laugh. But that’s ok, I laugh at my own jokes, I’m ok if no one else does.

I only took a five mile test drive. I fell in love as soon as I sat down. It was a brand-spankin’ new car. I never experienced anything like it. There were only just over 100 miles on the car when I got it. Since that point, I’ve experienced some great things with Sam.

I had the first of many long conversations with my now spouse.

I took three cross country road trips with Sam.

I took dozens of shorter distance road trips.

Sam was also “arrested” and was put in an impound lot over the weekend when I was arrested for driving drunk.

I was sitting in Sam when I was on the outskirts of a tornado and was fearing for my life.

Sam took me safely to and from all but one of my weddings. (I did not realize this until just now.)

I always said I would be happy if I could get Sam to a quarter million miles, and I did. The final mileage count was 253,162.

After I cleaned everything out yesterday to prepare for the tow. I came inside and the weight of saying goodbye to this awesome car hit me. I sobbed and sobbed….and sobbed some more.

When Bret came home from work, and after we moved everything into the new car, he suggested sitting in Sam one last time. While I was completely drained at this point, I did. So we sat down and he asked some of my favorite memories. Bret remembered that we had our first heart to heart conversation while sitting in Sam. He thanked Sam for keeping me safe. For keeping him (Bret) safe too. We’ve been in a few accidents separately. Sam has hit a few deer – one totally butt bumped him.

I, of course, lost it again. I am so thankful for such an amazing car. He lived a great, full life, and will now help others.

I’m excited to make new memories in our new car. I can’t wait to start taking road trips with my new, amazing gas mileage. But I’ll never forget this amazing little 2005 Honda Civic LX Special Edition car, with blue sparkles in the black paint.

Thanks for the memories Sam.


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