Day 2850 – Beating Yourself Up – or – Getting Over Former Mistakes

A few days back, one of our friends shared a video about drunk driving. I watched with tears streaming. It was hard to relive what could have been when I was driving drunk 10 and a half years ago. I am so thankful that I was pulled over and didn’t hurt myself or anyone else. Knowing myself, hurting or killing someone would have completely broken me. It’s so tempting to fall into beating myself up for my mistakes. It’s so easy to think I ruined everything that day.

Thankfully, that isn’t my story.

To help me get over my former mistakes, I am reminding myself of what my story is, not what it could have been.

– I am sober.

– I have clarity of memories, since I’m not drinking during the fun times anymore.

– I have no hidden secrets, now that my former hidden alcoholism is out in the open.

– I have (hopefully) helped others through my honesty.

The journey to sobriety isn’t easy, especially when your mistakes try to drag you down, but I am so so so thankful that sobriety is my story today.

How do you stop beating yourself up? Let me know in the comments below when I, or other readers, have the hard days.

For fun, here’s a photo of lattes in Guinness glasses!


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