Day 2126 – Sleeping On The Floor, By Choice

We have been sleeping on the floor for almost 3 weeks. Here’s how it’s going!

First and foremost, we LOVE it! I feel like we get pretty restful sleep…even if it isn’t a full 8-9 hours. I want to say the last 3-4 nights, I’ve gotten between 6-7 hours…yet, I’m getting up with Bret and I’m feeling great throughout the day. I don’t really yawn (except for right now…because I said something about it) and I don’t really feel tired. I have no aches and pains.

Sleeping on a pile of blankets means that cleaning is SO easy. Just pull the blankets to the other side of the room, vacuum, move back and done!

There was one bad….a huge bug….a centipede bent on attack. Seriously, it RAN toward our bed! The alarms sounded and I was sitting up slowly and I saw his approach and I leaped from the floor with the grace of, well, there is nothing I can compare it to….I did not sound out a verbal alarm, only the wide eyed look of fear and Bret leaped too. This guy was in the corner of the room and RACED to our bed and ran around on it! Bret grabbed a shoe and that was the end of that. As far as I know, there have been no other attacks….but for the sweet sleep, a bug here and there is a small price to pay.

Since we’ve been trying to “live light” and only have things that we need, it’s helped with cleaning the apartment. I did a good scrub down and vacuum yesterday and I think I finished in under 30 minutes. What? I mean, that’s awesome! What have I learned in this area? By George, I want to get rid of more! It’s crazy how easy it becomes once you start. It is so easy to throw things away when your eyes are not on this world.

So, would you sleep on the floor?


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