Day 3389 – How We Can Travel So Much

Following this blog any amount of time, and you’ll find we travel a lot. I did some calculations a few weeks ago and found we’re traveling about 11% of this year. That’s amazing and awesome and wonderful. I am SO thankful for the freedom we have to travel as much as we do, but it definitely comes at a price.

As you know, we’re building a real estate investing business, and that has been taking most of our time. We know how much our ROI is for the business, it’s one of those things that will pay us back SO much more than other things. Building any business calls for some sacrifices.

Yes, we travel a lot, but I don’t talk as much about what our trips actually look like. On our Long Island trip, I did most of the driving because Bret was taking calls and working.

On our trip to Canada for a wedding, we stopped at Watkins Glen State Park (a MUST see, I have to say!). We had a few calls to return in the parking lot, so we took care of that and hit the trail.

We had JUST started our hike when we got another phone call. Bret sat down on the side of the trail and took the call. There was a slight embarrassment when folks walked by, but honestly, it’s something I’m mostly ok with. Sure, to the outsider, it looks like we’re not enjoying the scenery and being tied to our phones, but in actuality, taking that call is likely leading to a deal. THAT is worth any “what are those people doing?” vibes we might get.

After Watkins Glen, we headed over to Seneca Falls, the little town that It’s A Wonderful Life is based on. There’s a cute museum with all kinds of memorabilia from the movie. We were sitting in the car for a bit doing some work, made a call and headed in.

We got to look around for about 10-15 minutes and we got a phone call. Bret stepped out to grab it and I quickly followed. We then got back on the road while Bret talked to the caller.

We left for Canada from Maryland around 4:30 am. We stopped off for the hike around 10 am and arrived in Canada at our Airbnb around 7 pm. We ate, did some reading, and went to sleep. Just as we drifted off, we got a call and had to get up and do work. Again, that is likely leading to a deal as well. Again, well worth it.

We ended up sleeping about 10 hours (I can’t remember the last time we did that!….in a bed no less!

Because of a number of reasons, we had a ton of work to do while we were in Canada. So, after our morning coffee, we got to work. All morning and up until we had to leave for the wedding, we worked.

After the wedding, we made coffee and ended up working some more that night. There wasn’t too much work we could do in the morning of the next day, so we were able to swing by the Parliament of Canada, walk the grounds, and grab lunch before driving home.

I think it’s important to talk about the “behind the scenes” of working while you’re traveling. It can be easy to get caught up in this “laptop lifestyle” that folks talk about, and think that it’s easy. While it’s not easy, it is our choice. We knew what we were signing up for and we’re willing to make the hard decisions and tough calls now to have a life we’re dreaming of down the road.

Do you work on vacation?


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