Day 2099 – Phone Marketing Advice

I’ve had my cell phone number for 16+ years. I’ve used that number for my business for 10+ years. I’ve also started doing some of those survey sites and other ways to earn cash, gift cards and miles. (e-rewards is my current favorite because I can transfer my balance to my Southwest Rapid Rewards account.) I’ve also gotten on call lists from looking at apartments. Just this week, I’ve gotten 19 marketing calls. It got me thinking about how you can get MY attention when you call and how YOU can get your potential client’s attention.

How to get my attention, i.e. get me to call you back or take ANY action besides listening to and deleting your voice mail:

– Remind me who you are. If I looked at your apartment, tell me where it is. Tell me something I mentioned when I inquired.

– Show me that you remember me. If I wore a Batman shirt, you better make a note on my account and mention it when you call. Personalize me. Let me know I’m more than someone on your “to call” list.

– Give me a discount or some other reason to call you back. If I happen to be looking to purchase your product at some point, give me a reason to think more seriously about it now.

– Give me some other options to get ahold of you. Personally, I HATE the phone. Hate. I’m talking serious anxiety sometimes if I have to make a simple call. (I may need to spend some time really looking into what that’s all about, but for now, avoidance is the name of the game!) Give me a website to look at, give me a number to text you back, give me the option to press 1 to call back.

– Ask me my preferred method of contact when I meet you/fill out your form. If you took just a few moments to find this out about me, you wouldn’t waste your time calling me.

– Stop calling me if I don’t call you back after 2-3 attempts.

– If you’re selling me SEO services, please don’t say something like, “want to be found on Google? You need us!” I’m willing to bet you found me on Google…and I know some of my search terms are ranked pretty high. Tell me what makes you different from the 10 other SEO service people I’ve heard from this week via email or phone.

– Do a little research on me. Since I’ve had a public business for ten years, there’s a lot about me out there, this blog is a big hint into who I am. I mean, if you called me and offered a free superhero shirt or subscription to Loot Crate, you’ll have me saying “take my money!” And here’s a bonus hint on this one – I would then become a BIG brand broadcaster for you. I love sharing with others brands that are awesome. Give me a reason to do so and I will be pretty loyal.

– Guys, I can Google your number when you call me. I’ll know if you’re trying to sell me something. Every business should understand this and know what comes up when your number is Googled (with dashes).

– Make it fun. This one, hands down, is how you win me over.

Well, what about you? What phone marketing tips do you have?

In honor of phones, I’m sharing my hubby’s classic cell phone. šŸ™‚



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