Day 1399 – A New Era Of Life = New Goals

Over the last few weeks, a lot has changed…mostly that we are out of debt and I feel a freedom like I’ve never had before. I won’t say that I’ve been lazy, because I don’t think I have been. I think there is something to enjoying the fruit of your labor. I spent many years working two jobs, many days working 15-20 hours, many sleepless nights, much worrying. It was the busiest March and April I’ve EVER had…two jobs or not. So I don’t exactly feel bad about taking “off” as much as I have. I have spent some of the time thinking about my business…what can I do differently? How should I adjust my prices to be more profitable? How can I present myself in person and on the web so that I bring in THE perfect clients for us? All in all, it’s like a new era in my life. Not only in my business but also in my health.

Bret started his own personal training business in January of this year. There have been aspects that have been a little bit of a struggle…mostly the fact that I have to actually get off my butt and workout as well as not chow down on junk food….or at least workout enough to burn off said junk food.

I said I would share tips here and there. Well, today I’m sharing a tip and some big goals!

I want to run more. Running has always been a struggle for me. Mostly getting into a routine and increasing my mileage. I’ve done 2 Susan G. Komen 5k’s….but those almost don’t count because there are so many people…it’s just different. I’ve also done a mud run…also, doesn’t really count. I’ve never really been “trained” when I did said 5k’s. I don’t have a burning desire to do a race…though, I have a small bucket list, “maybe-I’ll-do-this-someday” feeling towards running a marathon. Mostly just to say that I’ve done it. Bottom line, I just want to increase my mileage…whether I do a race or not. SO! I’m attempting the 10% increase per week rule. If I stick with this, I’ll be up to marathon mileage by the end of the year. But seriously folks, if I can run 5 miles or even a 10k, I think I’ll be pretty happy. I’m going to run 3 times a week, starting with 1 mile. I did that this week AND I’m very happy with my times each run. That’s goal #1.

I also want to do body weight/free weight workouts. I’m starting with 10 minutes a day 3 times a week and increasing 1 minute a week. I’ll mostly be doing workouts from Pinterest and some routines Bret is using with his clients….which, HOLY COW is he tough on his clients! I did HALF of a workout and was sore for 3 days! Yikes! That’s goal #2.

So there you go. I’m putting my goals out there. Keep me in check if you want. I want you to also notice that I’m only working out 10-13 minutes per day. YOU can work out, even if you start small. No excuses.


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