Day 1400 – The Perfect Storm Of Anniversaries

First, Bret and I have been married for 1400 days! Sweetness!!

Second, today is our 47 month anniversary!

Third, it’s our 200 week anniversary!

Now, before you think I’m some crazy married person (I mean, I am….but it’s explainable crazy ;))…I will tell Bret happy anniversary some Saturdays (not as much as I used to) since it’s another full week of marriage. Sometimes I’ll say happy anniversary on the 11th of the month as well.

So there you go! :0) Actually, it’s one of our “secrets,” I think, to celebrate even the little things in our marriage. Heck, you could say happy anniversary EVERY day of being married…because it’s one more day you worked at it and carried on.


Photo credit: Shawna Sherrell Photography

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